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Environmental policy

BJÖRCKS will have an environmental program on par with industry competitors that attracts employees, customers, and investors and is perceived as positive by other stakeholders.

BJÖRCKS will contribute to sustainable development by optimizing resource use, seeking the use of renewable energy and minimizing its environmental impact throughout its operations.

BJÖRCKS’s environmental programs and activities are based on continuous improvement, with reference to BJÖRCKS’s overall environmental goals. Each company and unit is responsible for setting specific targets and working to reach them.

The activities within BJÖRCKS’s environmental programs will be coordinated and integrated with production, quality and financial activities and will comply with applicable legislation and other requirements. The overall goal for BJÖRCKS’s sustainability programs is to create long-term value growth for its owners and contribute to the Group meeting its goals.

Policy focus areas:

- Energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions
Water quality and consumption
Air quality
- Natural resources management and waste reduction
Responsible chemical management
Communication plan


All policies are locally published and communicated in local languages.

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