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Björcks Social Management Policy

Björcks aims to be a part of the sustainable development efforts in the people transport business and thereby contributing to sustainable society development. Björcks has committed to environmental and social issues. By following the UN Global Compact, Björcks is committed to ensure reduced environmental impact, defend and promote human rights and to fight corruption, discrimination and all forms of forced labour. It is essential that the same requirements are undertaken also by Björcks employees.

Björcks primary focus is to create responsible and sustainable traffic growth while reducing its environmental impact and optimizing resource management by reducing emissions, reducing consumption of energy and water, reducing noise and treating waste as a resource, among other measures.

The Björcks Social Management Policy is the result of Björcks’ following the United Nations Global Compact. This is a program for companies and organizations that wish to contribute to the international work of ten universal principles related to human rights, labour, environmental challenges and anti-corruption. Björcks does not have the resources to be a sponsor, however by following, we do our best as a small company. All Björcks employees shall follow the Björcks Code of Conduct. This Social Management Policy is created for deepened understanding of our ambitions. A Björcks Employee shall always act in a way that does not negatively affect Björcks brand or goodwill.

Björcks Social Management Policy applies to all Björcks employees.

The Employee shall on an ongoing basis keep itself updated on changes to and updates of the Social Management Policy. Björcks will post updates at:

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